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Nowadays the scientific community is the unequivocal result of the way these last years exponentially emphasized the challenge to define and stabilize parameters that allow communication and evaluation of science to benefit from the necessary credibility it takes to sustain a complex paradigm. Thought after – and as a result of – an international conference on Emerging Publication Models organized within a project devoted, precisely, to the Communication of Science, this book reflects and echoes, through thirteen essays, the concerns of thousands of researchers, professors, students and librarians who feel, about their work (about their future), the permanent pressure of a system whose intricate functioning, to some extent, remains unclear.

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Anabela Gradim and Catarina Moura


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Introduction - 1

Part I - Academic Integrity and research & evaluation indicators

Predatory Publishers are Destroying the Integrity of Scholarly Communication - 11
Jeffrey Beall

By Albert Einstein, the Editor, you, and me - 33
Allen W. Wilhite and Eric A. Fong

Scientific Output in Humanities and Social Sciences: Problems and Alternatives - 49
João Costa

Portuguese universities on the rankings: strategies for improvement - 59
Paula Pechincha, António Marques and José António Sarsfield Cabral

The evaluation of the scientific production in biotechnology, law and arts: proposal of a model - 89
Sofia Fernandes 

Part II - Open Access challenges for science policy

Predatory publishers and open access models - 113
Anabela Gradim

OpenAIRE and the communication of science: the Open Access infrastructure for research in Europe - 127
Pedro Príncipe

I know you know I quote: a strategic vision of publications in science - 135
João Fernando Ferreira Gonçalves

Wine-growing science and technique – 30 years of challenges - 149
J. Silvestre; S. Canas; J. Eiras Dias

Part III - Theories, methods and case studies in Science Communication

Investigation in, about and through Art from the point of view of its publication: epistemological and validation aspects - 157
Francisco Paiva

Graphic argumentation: diagrammatic modeling in the communication of science - 177
Irene Machado

Mapping digital methods: where science and technology studies and communication studies meet? - 203
Chiara Carrozza and Tiago Santos Pereira 

In need of a better communication of mathematics in the press - 237
Susana Simões Pereira,  José Manuel PereiraAzevedo and António José de Oliveira Machiavelo

Notes on the authors  249