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Eikon 07 / call for papers

eikon – Journal on Semiotics and Culture


eikon 07 – Call for papers open until June 15

We invite all researchers, from various disciplines with interest in the field, communication, philosophy, literature, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, psychology and others to submit their manuscripts to eikon journal no 07 until June 25th.

Issue 07 of the journal will be published in July 2020.
Eikon only accepts submissions through the submission platform: http://ojs.labcom-ifp.ubi.pt/index.php/eikon/user/register

eikon (www.eikon.ubi.pt) is a multidisciplinary journal on Semiotics and Culture with peer review, which accepts articles and original research written in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Open to a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches, eikon receives original research articles in the field of semiotics, understood as the systematic study of signifiers, meanings and their effects.

Eikon is interested in articles dealing with the production of meanings in the image and in the discourse, in objects such as:
– Framing,
– Text and Speech,
– Narratives,
– Literature,
– Political Communication,
– Photography,
– Cinema,
– Advertising,
– Other proposals that the Scientific Commission considers valid in the editorial context of the Journal.

eikon is an open access online journal curated by LabCom, affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Beira Interior, Portugal. All accepted articles will be permanently published online, and a printed version of the journal will be published twice a year.


Até 25 de junho de 2020


Universidade da Beira Interior
Cartaz - Eikon 07 / call for papers


Até 25 de junho de 2020


Universidade da Beira Interior



Relevant dates:

Nº 07 - July 2020
Nº 08 - December 2020
Submission: June 15
Notification of Authors: July 15
Published: July 2020