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Disinformation Studies: Perspectives from An Emerging Field

It all started at the ECREA 2021 Post Conference “Disinformation Studies: Perspectives to An Emerging Research Field”, which took place online, on September 10, 2021. The debate there quickly widened and was joined by other colleagues. The book that we bring you here is the result of part of that debate, which does not end with this publication. It will continue, whenever it finds someone interested in promoting it.


João Carlos Correia, Pedro Jerónimo and Inês Amaral (Eds.)


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978-989-654-863-6 (pdf)

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Preface 9

Abstracts 13

Chapter 1 — Capturing and dissecting the complexity of production and dissemination of conspiracy theories, hate-based rhetoric, and mis- and disinformation online 23
Ardian Shajkovci, Ramón Ruti, Asli Altinbay, Matteo Gregori, Amanda Garry & Allison Mcdowell-Smith

Chapter 2 — The twilight zone: case studies in misinformation & mass media 53
Alyssa M. Brumis

Chapter 3 — When communication meets international relations perspectives: understanding disinformation in a multicentric political environment 87
Alessandra Massa & Giuseppe Anzera

Chapter 4 — Fake news, post-truth, and journalism: weaknesses and strategies in 2018 brazilian elections 115
Luísa Guimarães Torre

Chapter 5 — Opinion-oriented news as a source of polarized disinformation on the EU: a case study analysis during the 2019 EP elections 151
Rubén Rivas-De-Roca & Mar García Gordillo

Chapter 6 — Lies are all around but who are the liars? Addressing online disinformation platforms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 171
Ján Hacek & Lucia Virostková

Chapter 7 — Technologies and fact-checking: a sociotechnical mapping 193
Oscar Westlund, Rebekah Larsen, Lucas Graves, Lasha Kavtaradze & Steen Steensen

Chapter 8 — The role of fact-checking in fighting the ‘infodemic’ of disinformation on Covid-19: a case study of Polígrafo 237
Marina Ferreira & Inês Amaral

Chapter 9 — Framing Covid-19: how fact-checking circulate on the Facebook far-right 265
Raquel Recuero, Taiane Volcan, Felipe Soares, Otávio Vinhas & Luiz Ricardo Huttner

Authors 289