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Arts Group

Primary Researcher: Francisco Paiva

Communication and Media Group

Investigadora Responsável: Gisela Gonçalves

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The Publisher

LabCom Books is a university-based, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary publishing house that publishes online scientific books in the fields of Communication Sciences and the Arts, as well as works that bridge the gap between these two areas. 

Since its creation in 2006, the publishing house has published around 250 works, mostly by national and Brazilian authors. Aimed at the universal dissemination of science and knowledge, Livros LabCom publishes open-access electronic books in Portuguese, English and other languages, while also supplying paper copies through its online ordering service.

LabCom Books' catalogue is divided into two main collections: Arts (Ars Collection) and Communication (Communication Books Collection). 


LabCom Books welcomes proposals from both experienced scholars who want their texts to circulate freely and young researchers whose scientific work could be relevant and innovative. Proposals are evaluated by the Editorial Committee according to subject and scientific area.

We strongly encourage proposals from authors with transdisciplinary approaches in the broad field of Communication Sciences and Social Sciences, or proposals related more specifically to specific areas in the field of Arts or Communication Sciences. 

Authors can send proposals to the director of LabCom Books or to the person responsible for each specific collection in the areas of Arts and Communication (see contacts).


Director: Gisela Gonçalves (gisela.goncalves@labcom.ubi.pt)

Collection Coordinators:

Ars Collection: Francisco Paiva (francisco.paiva@labcom.ubi.pt)

Communication Books Collection: Gisela Gonçalves (gisela.goncalves@labcom.ubi.pt)

Order Books

Those interested in obtaining a printed version of any of the LabCom books should contact:

Typography (tipografia@ubi.pt or jfazenda@ubi.pt) / 275 241 480 

Contacts: 275 241 480 / 275 241 481 / 275 241 482