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Arts Group

Primary Researcher: Francisco Paiva

Communication and Media Group

Investigadora Responsável: Gisela Gonçalves

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LabCom is a Communication Sciences research unit whose main purpose is to develop advanced research on communication and new media technologies, especially those underlying online and digital processes, in order to assess their impact on everyday life and understand different kinds of communication phenomena on an individual, communitarian and societal basis.

LabCom is organised into two research groups:

Communication & Media, dealing with the multilevel and multiform impacts and effects of communication and new media technologies

Arts Group, focused on the relationship between communication and new media technologies in the arts and in its specific interfaces, from fine arts to cinema and design.

The most distinctive feature of LabCom is its strong online presence, with:

5 online journals:

DOC On-Line - Digital Documentary Film Journal

Eikon - Journal on Semiotics and Culture

Communication Studies

RECENSIO - Journal of Communication and Culture Reviews

Rhêtorikê - Digital Journal of Rhetoric


3 bibliotecas online:

BOAL - Online Audio Literature Library

BOCC - Online Library of Communication Sciences

BOND - On-Line Design Library


1 online publisher:

LabCom Books


1 digital newspaper:

Urbi et Orbi - Online Journal of UBI, the Region and the Rest


1 online radio:

RUBI - Beira Interior University Radio


1 online television:

TUBI - Beira Interior University Television


3 databases in the areas of cinema and image:


On-Line Images

Scientific Investigations into the Moving Image

uBibliorum | LabCom Collection - Communication and Arts



Anabela Gradim

LabCom Coordinator

Gisela Gonçalves

Coordinator of the Communication and Media Group

Francisco Paiva

Arts Group Coordinator

José Ricardo Carvalheiro

Vice-Coordinator of LabCom

João Canavilhas

Internationalisation processes

Mércia Pires


LabCom Coordinator

Coordinator of the

Group of


and Media

Coordinator of the

Arts Group

Vice-Coordinator of


Processes of