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Arts Group

Primary Researcher: Francisco Paiva

Communication and Media Group

Investigadora Responsável: Gisela Gonçalves

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In addition to the idea of ​​creating synergies in the use of human and material resources, this merger was made with a view to the pursuit, by LabCom of two main scientific objectives:

1. Questioning the contemporary concept and status of the humanities;

2. Deepen interdisciplinary research in the field of communication sciences.

Three general research questions emerge from these objectives:

Q1. What are the ethical, political, communicational and aesthetic dimensions of the so-called “new humanities”?

Q2. What is the relationship between the crisis in the humanities and the dysfunctions or problems that occur in the ethical, political or communicational spheres?

Q3. To what extent is the classical ideal of the humanities viable under the cultural, social, moral, political and communicational conditions of the contemporary world?